5 Ways to boost your Wifi under 2 Minutes

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Browsing slowing into a crawl, the inability to stream, constant drops in Wi-Fi Signals are the annoying problems we’re all facing whilst working and learning from home. But here are the top 5 things you can do in 2 minutes to improve and boost your Wi-Fi signal.

Take 2 Minutes to Perform These Top 5:

  1. Move to a central location:  We know internet routers are not the most attractive looking features in your home, but keeping them in cabinets or closets will only slow their signal. Relocate your internet router to a central open location without any coverings.
  2. Keep it off the ground: Keep your wi-fi router higher up. The more rooms it can visibly “see”, the stronger the signal will be and you’ll increase the performance at home.
  3. Move away from other Electronics: Sometimes keeping your internet router next to other electronics can cause an interference with its signal. So always keep your wi-fi routers away from television or cable boxes. You should also keep it away from large appliances like refrigerators which can also block the signal.
  4. Measure & Identify the Signal Strength: Move around the house and identify which areas in your home are the weakest when it comes to receiving Wi-Fi signals. Once you’ve identified the weakest spots, move your router in that direction.
  5. Always Update your service: If the others didn’t work, then it’s time to update the router’s firmware, or upgrade your internet service. Browse through your options. You may find that all you need is a range extender to help you reach all corners of your home.


At Privacy Talks, we’re committed to delivering you tricks and tips to make the most of your internet and online experience. But remember whilst setting up your WI-Fi always remember to keep your connections password protected, and never use Free wi-fi to make important transactions.

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