Are hackers becoming wealthy by exploiting gamers?

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Some gamers are extremely successful; professional gamers can earn millions of dollars. However, not all video game players are powerful celebrity influencers. Regular gamers generally cannot afford to buy the game they want to play. Since there is no money in the bank, the strong desire to access a video game for “free” often leads thrill-seekers to shady torrent websites that offer pirated video game copies or illegal video game downloads.

However, we all know that there is no such thing as a free lunch. These pirated games that are found on unreliable sources are frequently infected with viruses. One of these is the recently revealed Crackonosh, a malicious code that stealthily mines cryptocurrencies on gamers’ high-performance PCs. Some would argue that in exchange for playing a game, they don’t mind having something placed on their computer.

However, if you are a gamer, you should keep in mind that these games will make you end up spending in the mind. For instance, games that contain cryptojacking malware increase your electricity bill, and overuse of hardware may wear out components faster. Furthermore, the compromised system’s performance will suffer as the pricey hardware components are used to mine instead of giving a smooth gaming experience. As a result, gamers are forced to pay.


Why are hackers using mining malware to target gamers?

Video gamers are always looking for the latest and greatest in PC enthusiast hardware. As a result, gaming computers are frequently outfitted with the most advanced consumer PC technology. Unfortunately, because of the power of today’s devices, quiet malicious software like Crackonosh can sometimes go undetected as gaming enthusiasts enjoy the dangerous “freebie” acquired from a torrent source.


Gamers already have enough troubles to deal with: insomnia, vision problems, questionable diets, and so on. Malware that mines cryptocurrency can now be simply added to the list as well. To stop yourself from becoming a victim of malware, it’s best to avoid downloading pirated software. If you’re not sure if something is pirated but notice that your computer is running slower or crashing, there’s a good chance you’re unintentionally mining cryptocurrency for a hacker.


The easiest method to deal with such issues and avoid being a victim in the first place is to install high-end antivirus software on your computer. Reliable antivirus software solutions execute diagnostics in the background, keeping your connected device safe.

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