Bollywood Actor Defrauded over Rs 3 lakh by online fraudsters

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Days after renowned Bollywood actress Shabana Azmi claimed to have lost money in an online scam, actor and former journalist Sohaila Charnalia (65) –was the victim of a cyber-fraud while attempting to resolve credit card issues.

Charnalia, who lives in Southeast Delhi, said she was having trouble paying her credit card bills. She looked up the bank’s customer service number on the internet. She dialled the number, and it was answered by a bank “executive.” The phone call was interrupted while the “executive” was guiding her.

Shortly Charnalia received a call from an unknown mobile number. The caller stated to be from the bank. Under the guise of assisting her, he requested that she reset her email password. The caller hacked into her email after the actor changed the password, and money began to be debited from her bank account. According to a statement by The Times of India, she lost Rs 3.8 lakh in numerous transactions.

Charnalia hung up the phone and instantly blocked her bank account. The hacker then called her again and insisted that she unblock the bank account, indicating that her money will be repaid after she did so. Charnalia, on the other hand, informed the bank and filed a police report.


Fraud will always exist. It can be found all over the Internet: in email, on social networks, and on various websites. Cybercriminals have developed new techniques over the years, but the scams remain the same. Only the users themselves can ensure their own safety in the virtual world. We hope that the advice and information in this article brings awareness to you.


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