Businessman tries to order pizza online, loses Rs 65,000

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A Mumbai-based businessman was defrauded of Rs 65,000 in yet another terrible case of cyber theft. The event occurred when a 59-year-old businessman attempted to purchase pizza online but got caught in the web of cyber criminals. The fraudster pretended to be a pizza restaurant manager and defrauded him of Rs 65,000. An FIR was filed at the Khar police station as a result, and all attempts are being made to retrieve the money.

How the incident took place

The shocking incident happened when the man attempted to purchase pizza online. He stumbled across a restaurant called “Francisco pizza” and decided to make an order with them. The fraudster said that he will shortly receive a call from a different number.

In no time, he received a call from another cybercrook impersonating a pizza business manager, who demanded an advance payment.


Fraudsters provided him a payment link.

He was also provided a payment link by the scammer. Unaware of their malicious intentions, the individual provided all of his information and even revealed his OTP in order to place the transaction. His account was debited Rs 20,000 as soon as he provided the OTP with them. He even confronted the scammer after a sizEable sum was taken from his account for nothing more than a pizza.

However, in order to steal additional money, the fraudster claimed that it was an error and requested another OTP to repay the money. He lost Rs 20,000 again and the same explanation was offered. This scam was repeated approximately two more times, resulting in a total loss of Rs 65,000.

His credit card company contacted him, suspicious of something fraudulent, to see whether he had made these payments. He was instructed to file a complaint at the police station as soon as he denied making these payments. Following this, an FIR was filed, and all attempts are being made to catch the accused as soon as possible.

Now that we are all using online services, it’s important to ensure that we know how to spot signs of scams.

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