Cybersecurity should be a priority for tax authorities

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A decade ago, tax return fraud was the consequence of breaking into someone’s office and stealing boxes of paperwork. Since then, everything has gone digital.

So, whoever deals with your taxes now must have computer network security in place. Given the profession, there are some people who are not as tech savvy, and this has open up an opportunity for data thieves.

On the other hand, corporate tax fraud is a problem, and obtaining information from employees through social engineering or installing malware on their office computers may cause all kinds of trouble, not just during tax season, but also when it comes to bank balances.

By enabling your staff to avoid falling for scams and other social engineering attempts, new-school security awareness training can provide an important layer of defence for your firm. There are plenty of Cybersecurity awareness training around, such as Siccura Cybershield.

Siccura Cybershield is the most interactive Cyber security training awareness program for employees. Throughout the programme, employees are able to take courses that are short, fun and digestible. With over 200 modules available, employees can learn how to keep themselves and business data away from Phishing, Vishing, Ransomware and other types of attacks.

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