Top 5 data security threats every CEO needs to know

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As technology begins to advance, so are hackers getting smarter. More and more technologies are being produced daily to protect against hacking, but every day, we hear some news about the cyber defense of some companies being breached.

Big companies have the budget to get the latest technologies that will help beef up their cybersecurity. However, some small businesses do not have this kind of leverage and freedom. A report indicated that within the next six months, small businesses would go out of business owing to cyber-attacks.

Several data security tips would benefit both the big and small businesses, and here are they:

Security Is An Orientation

A company-wide mindset should be having the best and most effective software for cybersecurity. This means everyone should take responsibility for the safety of their company’s cyberspace. Be vigilant. Be on the lookout for every security threat and the value of the company’s data and assets.

The security mindset should be expansive and should involve being cautious when sharing information on social media, and also when disclosing sensitive information via the phone or emails.

Safeguard And Manage Your Device

It is important for the company always to remind their employees and staff to activate the lock option on their phones and avoid leaving their devices unattended to. Also, all of them should be reminded that malware is capable of spreading from one hardware to another, personal smartphones, as well as through external hard drives.

Employees need to be cautious about where they plug their devices into. This will help curtail the level of cyber-attack to a significant level.

Proper Password Management

Humans naturally like routine and monotony. This is because it is easier and convenient to do the same thing over and over again. It doesn’t task the brain at all. The same thing applies when setting up passwords.

Employees may be tempted to reuse a certain password they’ve used before. However, to further beef up security, it is crucial to use different passwords.

This will make it difficult for hackers to breach security. They are more likely to do so if they’re aware of your reusing passwords habit.

Avoid Attachments/email Links

This is probably one of the first things about cybersecurity. It is important to know who’s sending you information before you click on email links or download attachments. If you suspect anything about the email link or attachment, then take the cue and don’t click on it. Your best option is to contact the person and verify the information.

Back-Up Data Regularly

The danger posed by cyber-attacks includes having financial and personal records stolen, losing a large amount of data that is important to the running of the business, etc. It is, therefore, necessary to back up your data regularly. This will insure your company’s data to a significant extent.

To Wrap It Up

Safeguarding your company’s data is now more difficult than it used to. This is as a result of newer techniques used by hackers. However, these tips will go a long way in protecting your company’s cyberspace from potential attacks.

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