Top Cloud Computing News: December 2019

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We are almost on the verge of saying goodbye to 2019 and welcoming 2020. It’s the beginning of the last month of the year, and here we come with all the big announcements that were made by the public cloud vendors in the month of November. Microsoft Ignites its 2020 cloud campaign with its new cloud services to have a better hold on the market, Kubecon also concludes at a high note, Google and Microsoft, following its year-long trend of acquisition and partnership. This time, Google acquires CloudSimple and with some other partnership deals. Plus, the much-awaited deal of 2019 the JEDI contract that goes to Microsoft and what AWS afterward. It was a big month, and we have a lot to cover, let’s start this off quickly.

After losing the JEDI contract to Microsoft, Amazon is getting restless and files a complaint against the Pentagon’s decision. On 8th November, Amazon files their protest under seal in federal court. 

Initially, the deal was originated two years back to transform the Department of Defense’s (DOD) approach to adopt cloud technology.

Amazon may have filed its protest under the seal with U.S. Court of Federal claims, but will still need to file a formal protest and layout its arguments in detail.

As per the U.S. Federal acquisition laws, politicians, including the president, cannot influence the procurement process.

Microsoft Ignites 2019 was the 5th edition of the annual conference for the developer community. In the amphitheater of Orland, Florida, Microsoft announced a plethora of services mostly were targeted to enhance the cloud adoption rate or enhance the multi/hybrid cloud experience with Azure cloud and services. 

Kubecon is one of the biggest cloud events of 2019. It is one of the most exclusive events for open source communities and embracing cloud-native possibilities. SMBs and startups use this event as a platform to showcase their open-source projects and features. This time event has experienced 50% more footfall than the previous year’s event and had more than 100 announcements. 

Microsoft and AT&T unveil their first plan for their multi-year cloud alliance. These two companies are working on a new edge computing technology, and they are going to preview in Dallas next year and have plans to expand it to Los Angeles and Atlanta. 

It will allow significant devices like autonomous cars or drones to process data through Azure services that they can access through 5G devices; this will eliminate the need for installing small processing chips in these gadgets.

The two companies came together back in July. The deal, which reportedly valued at more than $ 2 billion. Microsoft, which became AT&T’s preferred cloud provider.

CloudSimple is a leading provider for the dedicated environment to run VMware workloads in the cloud with high-class security and groundbreaking performance. With this acquisition, Google can develop a fully integrated VMware migration solution with improved support for its customers.  

Google signed a partnership deal with American healthcare provider Ascension. This deal will help Google in the research and development of artificial intelligence tools for the healthcare industry. 

Ascension operates in more than 150 hospitals and 50 plus senior living facilities across the United States. Healthcare providers will move some of its facilities to data and analytics tools on Google’s servers.

This partnership will explore the horizons of artificial intelligence and machine learning to help and improve the clinical condition and safety of the patient.


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