Two Most Common Ransomware Attack Methods

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Researchers at Coveware recently reviewed Ransomware assaults from the second quarter of this year and saw a similar trend in cybercriminals’ Ransomware attack strategies.

The most popular ways cyber criminals use to acquire an early footing in corporate networks and lay the foundations for Ransomware attacks are email phishing attacks and brute force attacks against vulnerable remote desktop protocol (RDP) services.


These are the two Ransomware attack methods that are gaining popularity by cyber-attackers:


  • Email Phishing Attacks: This is the most prevalent type of cyber-attack. In phishing emails containing Ransomware, cybercriminals include a harmful attachment. According to Coveware, this strategy was used in 42 percent of known Ransomware assaults.
  • Brute Force Attacks: This exploit targets remote desktop protocol services in particular (RDP). To obtain access, they brute force weak or default usernames and passwords. This form of Ransomware assault accounts for 42% of all documented Ransomware outbreaks.


These approaches are popular with cybercriminals because they are both inexpensive and effective. They’re also simple to implement and, if successful, can provide access to your entire network.

With REvil behind the iconic Kaseya hack and Conti targeting the Irish healthcare sector, Ransomware groups have only grown in strength. There are new Ransomware groups emerging from the shadows that will be even more formidable than these well-known Ransomware groups in the near future.

14% of Ransomware attacks succeed as a result of software vulnerabilities.But that doesn’t make them any less dangerous – especially since they’re frequently used by some of the most sophisticated and disruptive Ransomware gangs.

Ransomware attacks take numerous forms and come in a variety of sizes and shapes. The type of Ransomware used is influenced by the attack vector. It is essential to always evaluate what is at stake or what data could be erased or published when estimating the volume and reach of an attack. Regardless of the kind of Ransomware, backing up data ahead of time and using protection tools properly can greatly lessen the severity of an attack.


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