UK Phone numbers being targeted by text message scam.

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People in the United Kingdom should be on the alert for a new SMS scam. Messages are sent to a number of people notifying them of a missed call. According to the text, the caller has left a message.The message asks the individual to click on the URL to play the voice mail.  Unfortunately, there’s a terrible sting to the link – and it’s not voicemail.

Yes, instead of taking people to their voicemail, the link takes them to a website designed to steal sensitive personal information such as credit or debit card numbers, email addresses, and passwords. Hackers can then use this information to get into online accounts or to try a different fraud, such as posing as your bank.

Scammers can use some of the information you’ve given them, such as your credit card number, to trick you into thinking it’s a legitimate call from your bank and providing them with the last bits of information they need, such as the CVV number on the back of the card or the answer to a security question to gain access to your online accounts.

The texts stating that “you have got a fresh voicemail” are part of a wave of SMS frauds sweeping the United Kingdom. Millions of people have been compelled to work from home and modify their routines as a result of the epidemic. It has led to an increase in the use of web-based services such as online banking applications, online grocery stores, and other similar services. Scammers now have more opportunities as a result of this.

These text message scammers have already targeted nearly 60% of people in the UK. Hackers are now acting on an “industrial scale,”.

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