What is Phishing? And how you can get tricked?

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When internet fraudsters impersonate a business to trick you into disclosing your personal information, it is called phishing. A phishing web page can trick people out of bank account information, passwords and other confidential information.

But how do you get tricked into giving away personal information?

The attackers forge email addresses to look genuine.

They provokes the computer user with an urgent request and may add links that appear to connect to a real trusted company.

Tips to Protect Yourself:

  • Do not reply to email, text or pop-up messages that ask for your personal or financial information.
  • Do not trust links in any email.
  • Look carefully at the provided web addresses.
  • Never give out personal information upon email request.
  • Type in the real website address into a web browser.
  • Don’t open unexpected email attachments or instant message download links.

How to Help?

  • Report suspicious emails or delete them.
  • Don’t call phone numbers included in suspicious emails or instant messages.
  • Check a reliable source such as a phone book or credit card statement.

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