Apparent scam uses “news” of coupon error to bait victims

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Hidden in the source code of the page are several interesting trackers and other curious bits of code, calls to other locations, etc that one usually only sees in the most egregious of data-harvesters. Some of the code includes inputs for WordPress emojis, which is a known pathway for malicious attempts on end users.

It takes 33 lines of code before they even begin formatting the page for readability, defining objects, etc. Everything before that is setting up event listeners and multiple trackers on a level that would put chrome to shame. There are also far more hyperlinks defined in the HTML than appear in the page.

I genuinely believe even the site itself to have nefarious intent beyond just seeking credit card numbers, and would advise people to neither click the link, nor engage with the alleged sale

Moderators, please take a look at this and get it removed just in case; nobody wants to be tangentially responsible for a data breach or other theft of PII.

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