Ask HN: Ex-Employer gossiping I “hacked” their platform what to do?

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I am really at a loss right now. I worked for a startup for two years and put my heart and soul into helping build the company as a senior manager.

I ended up quiting about 2 months ago to focus on relaxing during the holidays and spending time with my family (did not take a vacation) before seeking a less intense position.

Some old members of my team have come forward to inform me that their was a set of data breaches on the platform and the internal answer was to not announce it and put the blame on me. From what I am told their is no prooof other then a geo location that points to where I (and multiple other employees) live.

I reached out to the CEO and basically the first question whas who was it to leak this and then basicly a statement that the company did not accuse me of anything and there is nothing that can be done about the gossip. When I left the company I took every precaution to revoke my credentials and return my equipment promptly. I now know I can not use anyone at my current employer as a reference and feel these false accusation will greatly damage my future employment opportunities. I am currently have meetings with attorneys on how to protect myself but figured I ask the community if anyone has ever gone though this.

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