Startups should immediately consider managing their cloud?

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We all know that startups are essential for the growth of a nation. Even the startup’s ecosystem is crucial for developers, investors, and entrepreneurs. But in research, it was found out that only 25% of startups succeed.

In today’s world, most of the startups prefer cloud computing over on-premise to cut down their cost and loss of getting failed. Since it is essential to have reliable sources for new ventures and startups to safely store and access their data without spending a lot on infrastructure.

Recently, CB insight posted research in which they mentioned that 90% of the startups get failed due to the spiraling cost of the cloud, 29% failed due to lack of cash, and 18% blame pricing as the reason for failure.

Every startup of any industry, whether it be a cab service provider, HR consultancy, call center, logistics, food delivery service, or anything else; can build a strong market presence only by the wise use of technology and making an informed decision. 

Technology-driven startups are making their trajectories by using cutting-edge technology to breach all the restricted thresholds. 

So is it correct to blame the mentioned reason for your failure? 

We know that managing the cloud infra is hard, if not impossible; but why to take the unreasonable risk; when its complexity and management are enough to make a daunting impact on the productivity of your startup. 

To counter such situations, you need to consider a cloud management platform to ensure that innovation never dies, and production never stops. 

Cloud Management can have a significant impact on your cloud infrastructure and your business. 


When you move to the cloud and have few deployments; it won’t matter because you can perform most of the management manually. While the management of ever-increasing cloud services does not have any easy route. With Automated cloud management, you can eliminate most of the manual processes and workflows by scheduling them that can raise your efficiency. Automation can also have an impact on your profits positively. As per studies, it also is shown that organizations can have up to 20% more profits by automating their tasks. Since this will eliminate the necessity of someone who will be responsible for the security, governance, and the general management of cloud resources.


The most significant factor that attracts the most entrepreneurs is the saving options that are offered by cloud computing. Migration from on-premise platform to the online servers do offer saving, but not every organization can experience that. Saving options that cloud offers are quite complicated; you can quickly lose the path of innovation and productivity. 

To bring you back into the game, Cloud Management Platforms provide budgeting. You can use this to set your daily, weekly, or monthly budgets to eliminate the need to keep constant track of your budgets. In the toddler years of a startup, cost management is always directly proportional to the success of the startup or innovation that makes it a stand out one.  


Numerous benefits of cloud computing do encourage people and make it the front runner for the most suitable option. Still, it got out of favor by many because security threats deterred them. 

If you already achieve an enterprise status; then you might have a cybersecurity team to guard your infrastructure against any anomaly. If you don’t have any, what’s your contingency plan? 


Cloud is a shared responsibility. You are not responsible for the whole bunch. This rule is also applicable to the security of the cloud. Cloud providers can take responsibility for background work, where nothing much happens. The part you own more vulnerable to security issues. Hiring a team against security threats is not the option since it won’t guarantee 100% security and can cost you a lot that you already lack. 

Security modules of Cloud Management Platforms take all of your burdens of security vulnerabilities with numerous security compliances that are much aware of security and can send you back to your other works to focus.

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 It is the thread for your cloud infrastructure that binds all the services for easy management. This one is equally important while considering a Cloud Management Platform as it will send all the updates, notifications around security vulnerabilities, or any budget breaches. Alerting allows better management of resources without breaking a sweat. You are obliged to create set rules for every alert and decide who should receive them. Some CMP delivers alerts through multiple channels for more convenience.

The need for a cloud management platform also got a mention in the magic quadrant by one of the largest research firm Gartner. These points are not mainly for any startup; if you are planning to own a new startup; it can help you to reduce a part of the stress of the underlying architecture of your startup; or if you are a large enterprise, you can use these as your new saving tips. 

Now the ball is in your court, take calculated risks, and make decisions wisely. 

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