Data Security – why businesses need to put a focus on Data

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The amount of data we produce every day is truly mind-boggling.  At our current rate, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created every day, but that rate is only increasing as the Internet of Things rises (IoT). In just the previous two years, 90 percent of the world’s data has been generated digitally.

Keeping sensitive information secure from theft and vulnerability in today’s digital world isn’t as easy as putting a lock on the file cabinet – especially with the widespread adoption of cloud computing. Even if you take every precaution with your online accounts and personal information, there are several ways for that information to  in the data management systems of another person or firm, making it vulnerable to data theft or data leaks.

Though businesses have embraced technology in today’s world, with employees creating and storing data from anywhere. Every piece of data created is doubled, allowing recipients to share sensitive information with a larger audience, both knowingly and unknowingly. As the old saying goes, once you put something online, it replicates itself. In the digital age, data takes on a life of its own.

That’s why it’s even more important for business owners to be anxious and focus on data security.

The importance of data security:

With a heavier reliance on computers, there are a number of potential threats to the data you’re storing and sharing. Data can get lost due to system failure, corrupted by a computer virus, deleted or altered by a hacker. A simple human error can even result in an overwritten or deleted file. Plus, lost devices such as a tablet or smartphone can see your business data fall into the wrong hands.

The Types of Data risks:

It is very easy for business owners, or the originators of data to lose control of it in the digital world. However, in most cases business data is often exposed and at risk as a result of Humans. The risks people have over data is knowingly and unknowingly. Here are some of the ways, business data can be exposed.

1. Accidental Exposure:

A significant number of data breaches are the result of negligent or accidental exposure of sensitive data, rather than a malicious attack. Employees of a company frequently share, grant access to, lose, or mishandle confidential material, either by accident or because they are unaware of security standards.

2. Phishing and Social Engineering Attacks:

Attackers use social engineering as a primary method of gaining access to sensitive information. They involve convincing or misleading someone into giving personal information or granting access to privileged accounts.

Phishing is a type of social engineering that is very common. It involves messages that appear to be from a trusted source, but in fact are sent by an attacker.  Attackers can infect a victim’s device or obtain access to a corporate network if they comply, such as by giving confidential information or clicking a malicious link.

3. Insider Threats:

Employees that accidentally or intentionally risk an organization’s data security are known as insider threats.

  • Non-malicious Insider: these are users that can cause harm accidentally, via negligence, or because they are unaware of security procedures.
  • Malicious Insider: These are users who are actively attempting to steal data or harm the company for personal benefit.
  • Compromised Insider: These are users who are unaware that an external attacker has gained access to their accounts or credentials. The attacker can then engage in malicious behaviour while posing as a legitimate user.

No one or any software can prevent data movement, or leaks and abuse. However, to truly mitigate the risks and limit the damage you need to secure it.

Siccura is the ultimate solution for data security and control. The simple to use software allows business owners to take control of their data, and helps owners track day and night every moment within the business. Siccura’s powerful encryption techniques transforms any type of data into an unbreakable code that can only be opened with a Unique Key known to the business owner and intended recipients.

The desktop and mobile friendly solution keeps data secure and in control in Action, at Rest and in motion. With Siccura, businesses can allow their employees to share data with confidence, knowing that it is always under their control and track the activity of employees with the help of these additional layer of security.

Using Siccura’s secure email and file sharing solutions, however, businesses can keep control of their data even after it’s been shared. There are various data controls such as stop forwarding, restrict copy access, block content, and keep data password protected.

Siccura’s data security solution protects your information in emails, photos, the cloud, and other mixed settings. It also provides security and IT professionals with full visibility into how data is accessed, used, and moved around the company.

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