Teachers are being targeted by TikTok Teens

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Teachers have identified a troubling new classroom trend. Students have been secretly filming clips from their classes and submitting them on Tiktok.

Though it may appear harmless, teachers have highlighted that the films are frequently accompanied by inappropriate or nasty remarks. Clips are frequently shared among students, however they can be viewed by any TikTok member.

TikTok videos have a massive potential audience, with over two million members globally. According to one teacher, the videos in which they appeared had been viewed more than 12 million times.

This isn’t just a problem in high schools and colleges. Similar films have been reported by teachers working in junior schools with considerably younger students.

Why are young people sharing these videos?

Most children and young people who publish harmful stuff are unaware of the seriousness of their conduct. Instead, they regard it as a harmless joke that will never be revealed to the targeted teachers.

They may be unaware that these films are examples of bullying because they are aimed at an authority figure rather than a peer. In many cases, children are horrified when they realise how negatively it has affected and impacted their teachers or schools.

How parents can support teachers

1. Have constructive conversations about cyberbullying with your child: Remind them that bullying can occur between any two people, not just children. Make sure they realise the impact this content will have on their teachers.

2. Discuss what is and isn’t appropriate to share on the internet: Talk to your child about what is and is not acceptable to share on the internet. It is important that they understand that capturing or using photos or videos of others without their permission is not acceptable.

3. Assist them in supporting their teachers: If students notice someone sharing stuff about their teacher or making harsh comments about them, they must act as an up stander. Remind them that by keeping silent, a bystander participates to the bullying.

4. Encourage your child to report offensive or bullying content directed towards teachers: This can be accomplished by reporting on the app itself or by informing the school.

Although TikTok is often harmless and enjoyable, there is a disadvantage when it is abused. However, with assistance and direction, school children may be taught the consequences of their behaviour before committing a crime online – a vital lesson that will follow them into adulthood.

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