Bybrand and Rebrandly (Shorten links inside email signatures)

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Are you having trouble keeping track of all the clicks on the email signature? Would you like everything to be done with just some steps?

Good news – Bybrand welcomes Rebrandly, a leading link management platform for brands.

For a long time, Bybrand offered integration with Bitly. But with the recent change in Bitly’s policy of no longer offering the option of free accounts with a custom domain and the elevated price of the initial plan, Rebrandly came to resolve this problem, with more features and attractive prices.

Within the internet, hyperlinks, or only links, are present everywhere. In your company’s website, in the SMS you receive on your smartphone, in the shared transport APP, smart TV, and also HTML email signatures.

And in all these areas, you can use Rebrandly to shorten (make it sharper, memorable) a URL, and successively monitor the clicks received.

Shorten links in the HTML email signature

With our newest integration with Rebrandly, IT managers and marketing professionals can add and shorten links to the email signature quickly, within Bybrand’s WYSIWYG editor. This process not only eliminates the need for manual and repetitive input of data but also allows teams to track clicks on the Rebrandly panel.

Besides, integration helps you stay on the same page. Rebrandly operates natively within Bybrand so that users never have to leave the email signature manager, eliminating the tedious, time-consuming data entry that causes IT and marketing teams to abandon deployments of uniform email communication.

Some ideas on where to shorten email signature links

  • Company website, or blog link;
  • Knowledge-base link;
  • Social icons receiving a link;
  • Company logo receiving a link;
  • A banner located at the email signature footer;

How to use integration Bybrand + Rebrandly

Activating integration makes perfect sense if you want to monitor the clicks received in the links of your email signatures.

You may also want to see our integration Presentation page.

About Rebrandly

Rebrandly is the industry-leading link management platform to brand.

The link management platform was designed for you to track and share short URLs using a custom domain name. Behind all the valuable information you share online, there is a link. Each of these links is an asset to your company.

Companies of all sizes use the platform to manage their links.

  • Two billion clicks tracked every month;
  • One billion brand links created so far;
  • 250,000 happy customers;

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Time is essential for any modern professional; therefore, you need an automated solution that will help your team accomplish the tasks faster.

Link management platforms, including Rebrandly, allow marketing teams to build and assess the performance of their efforts in their email signatures over time.

Try Bybrand + Rebrandly integration today and see how we are helping marketing and IT teams to be more efficient in managing email signatures – not to mention gaps in the workflow – in less time.

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