Chrissy Teigen sorry for bullying Courtney Stodden on Twitter

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US model Chrissy Teigen has apologised to TV personality Courtney Stodden for bullying them online a decade ago.

In 2011, Teigen allegedly sent Stodden messages on Twitter urging them to take their own life.

It was around the time that Stodden rose to fame as the 16-year-old bride of actor Doug Hutchison, who was 50 at the time of their wedding.

Stodden accepted the apology but said it may just be an attempt at limiting damage to Teigen’s reputation.

Teigen, who is married to singer John Legend, said she is now “ashamed and completely embarrassed” of her actions a decade ago.

She recently returned to Twitter after having taken a break due to being unable to handle the “negativity” on the platform.

‘Attention seeking troll’

“Not a lot of people are lucky enough to be held accountable for all their past… [comments] in front of the entire world,” Teigen tweeted on Tuesday.

“I’m mortified and sad at who I used to be. I was an insecure, attention-seeking troll.

“I am ashamed and completely embarrassed at my behaviour but that is nothing compared to how I made Courtney feel.”


Courtney Stodden


Teigen added she will “forever work” on being a better person and try not to let down her 13.6m followers again.

“I have worked so hard to give you guys joy and be beloved, and the feeling of letting you down is nearly unbearable, truly,” she continued.

“These were not my only mistakes and surely won’t be my last, as hard as I try but god I will try!!”

The star claimed she had tried to contact Stodden privately, noting: “I hope you [Stodden] can heal now knowing how deeply sorry I am.”

‘Her wokeness is a broken record’

Stodden accepted the apology but questioned its sincerity and accuracy.

“I accept her apology and forgive her,” Stodden said. “But the truth remains the same, I have never heard from her or her camp in private. In fact, she blocked me on Twitter.

“All of me wants to believe this is a sincere apology, but it feels like a public attempt to save her partnerships with Target and other brands who are realising her wokeness is a broken record.”


Courtney Stodden and their former husband Doug Hutchinson in 2013


Hutchison, who featured alongside Tom Hanks in the 1999 drama movie The Green Mile, was divorced from Stodden last year.

Stodden recently told The Daily Beast that other celebrities had commented on the relationship.

“People came out of the woodwork to beat up on a kid because she was in a situation that she shouldn’t have been in,” Stodden told the publication.

“There were a lot of celebrities acting like playground bullies.”



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