Learn Machine Learning in 2020

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Best books and courses about machine learning to start with

This post is the answer to both questions. For now let’s assume that you’ve already read a few popular resources and seen a couple of YouTube tutorials. Here’s what you need to know to get started learning machine learning.

Learn Machine Learning by following courses and reading books.

It’s a system for answering questions about data and systems. It’s applied in data analysis, text analysis, computer vision, language processing, and so on. By reading this article you’ll get a head-start.

Learning a computer science subject consists of four stages: theory, application, thought experiments, and practice. When learning a computer science subject, you should read: books, resources, and articles, but don’t forget to: practice the thought experiments and practice before reading. Here’s a practical guide on how to start.

If you’re a total beginner, Introduction to Machine Learning with Python is definitely a book for you. Gentle introduction to fundamental concepts in machine learning (classification, clustering, neural networks), which doesn’t assume that you know Python or can code at all. Highly recommended!

IBM Data Science is a professional certificate which is composed of 9 courses. It contains everything on fundamentals and starts by explaining what is Data Science, what methodology and tools one uses, to go into data processing and data visualization, to finally arrive at machine learning.

If you’re just starting, then having IBM’s certificate can definitely boost your career.

And then of course you have the famous Andrew Ng’s course on Machine Learning.

The advantage of YouTube tutorials is that they are very convenient. At the same time they have a big scope of topics. IOn the other hand, learning is much faster with a video tutorial, and the videos are also much more entertaining than reading a book.

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