What Are The Data Security Features Offered By Tally ERP 9? Do Users Need To Take Additional Measures

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ERP systems are complex and often outdated, making them difficult to secure. Hackers around the world have started targeting ERP systems to gain access to sensitive enterprise data. Case studies suggest that hacking groups have even managed to find vulnerabilities in systems designed by SAP and Oracle. Therefore, data security has become the primary concern for every firm using an ERP system.

Tally ERP 9 is the most widely used business management software in India for accounting, payroll, banking, GST, and inventory. Security updates are available for all Tally Solutions products, both free and premium.

There are several security features that are packed into Tally ERP:

1. Multi-Step handshake process:  When you connect your Tally.Net account with Tally ERP 9, a secure multi-step handshake process is initiated. This involves validating the Tally Software Service license. First, your Tally.Net account is verified and then your ERP 9 software is checked for a valid license. If both checks are successful, the connection between your Tally.Net account and ERP 9 is established. The handshake process helps to ensure that only authorised users are able to access Tally ERP 9 data via the internet.

2. Compress & Encrypted data: The Triple Data Encryption Algorithm is used to compress and encrypt the data before it is transferred. Additionally, the message digest function detects data corruption or alteration during transfer.

3. Data transfer through Network port: The network port remains open only during the few minutes of data transfer, and that too only when the Tally ERP 9 user requests the network service. Third-party systems cannot use the data transfer feature and the network port. This means that there is no way for them to access the data unless the Tally ERP 9 user specifically requests it.

4. User-based access: Tally ERP 9 is equipped with a user-based data access approach, which is the most preferred one for security-conscious firms. This approach allows administrators to assign specific permissions with security levels to various users. It also allows the management to create new security levels to allow employees to perform specific tasks using the system. Put simply; it limits the exposure of data. The feature is handy for small and large businesses that have strict information-sharing policies. By default, the system has two security levels, one for the owner, and the other for data entry.

5. Period lock voucher: As a business administrator, you are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of your company’s financial records. One way to do this is to prevent employees from making changes to voucher entries for specific periods of time. Tally Software provides a period lock feature that allows you to restrict backdated voucher entry for selected employees. This ensures that no one can alter the voucher entries for the period specified by the administrator.

6. Tally Vault: Tally ERP 9 allows users to store encrypted data using Tally Vault. With this feature, an organisation can maintain the highest level of privacy and secrecy possible. With Tally’s encryption feature, all data is converted into an unrecognizable format that can only be reconverted by admins. The system ensures that no one, including government agencies, can illegally access the organization’s sensitive account information without proper authorization from its administrators. In Tally Vault, even the company name is unrecognizable.

7. Customizing Tally with security Software & integration: Even the most secure system can be compromised. This is where Tally customisation can help. By working with a vendor who specialises in Tally customisation, businesses can ensure that their system is properly configured and that all users have appropriate permissions.

Additional layers of protection are also necessary for the ultimate protection of your financial data.

  • Training/ Educating employees: Without proper training, employees may make innocent mistakes that could expose the system to security risks. For example, they may enter sensitive data into the wrong field or fail to properly log out after using the system. By offering training on the functionalities of the system, you can help reduce the risk of these types of mistakes and ensure that your employees are able to use the system securely.
  • Secure Internet Connectivity: It is important to choose an internet service provider that is reliable and secure. Unfortunately, many businesses make the mistake of opting for the cheapest option without considering the implications. spyware and other malicious software can quickly damage a company’s reputation and bottom line. To avoid this, businesses should only work with reputable providers and take steps to secure their own networks.

  • Keeping All The Desktops And Laptops Secured: While it is important for organizations to have an ERP system in place, it is also important to ensure that the system is secure. This means having strong security measures in place for all computers and laptops that are used to access the system. Some software can be a set of vulnerabilities, so it is important to only install trusted software on devices that will be used to access the ERP system.

If your organization is looking for security solutions that work best with Tally ERP 9, you should consider Siccura Guard. Siccura Guard is the ultimate data protection solution for your Tally files. Siccura Guard gives you the ability to lock your Tally. Siccura Guard gives you the ability to lock your Tally-generated folders so that they cannot be stolen as a result of cyber-attacks such as Ransomware or from malicious employees.

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